If you're a truck purist in Peoria, that thought might be absolutely blasphemous--after all, Ram makes some of the best new full-size trucks in America, right?

They do--but FIAT has one thing that Ram doesn't. A small truck option called the Toro.


FIAT produces this midsize, unibody pickup truck for markets like Mexico. If Ram were to design a similar platform for its own lineup, it may take less time--and less money--than if they were to have to create it all on their own. And while they currently enjoy great success with models like the Ram 1500 in Golden, CO, the small pickup truck is on the rise.

And Ram is looking to keep up and get ahead of the trend with their own highly competitive vehicle.

We can't be sure if they will move forward with building this type of truck--but you can be sure that Christopher's Dodge World will be there with the scoop if they do.

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