Dodge has a long storied history of putting out great themed ads. "Dodge Brothers," "Dodge Law," and "Dodge Predators" comes readily to mind. In the case of the latter, they've recently put out a new spot to that effect, this time featuring the song "Fuel" by Metallica. With all the heavy metal in the brand's spots lately, we've been wondering when this song would feature.

The two most predatory models in the Dodge lineup are the primary features of this spot--the Charger and Challenger. The muscle car twins boast some of the most pulse pounding performance you're like to find in any coupe of four-door model, ranging from 285 horsepower (Charger) and 305 horsepower (Challenger), to up to 707, as found in the beastly Hellcat SRTs.

The best way to get a taste of these model's predatory instincts is to drive them for yourself. For that, prowl on down to our Dodge dealership in Golden, CO, and we'll set you up with a test drive.

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