Fiat Chrysler Automotive has been ahead of the game when it comes to intuitive infotainment since they released the first UConnect system over a decade ago. Now FCA is getting ready to update their vehicle with the all-new UConnect 5, and our team in Golden, CO is ready to tell you all about its upgraded features.

Uconnect 5 retains its ease of uses and responsiveness from its predecessor, and it comes with an even quicker processing unit. The layout is even easier to understand than before, and it keeps the user reconfigurability that people loved with the earlier UConnect systems.

When it comes to hardware, the UConnect 5's Atlantis architecture is looking to leave the competition in the dust. Atlantis is around five times faster than its most current predecessor, which is due to the 6 gigabytes of RAM, 64 gigabytes of solid-state storage, and an upgraded central processing unit. These aspects allow the new system to pack in triple the pixels into an ultra-HD touchscreen than before. This new system can also handle real-time 3D rendering and object generation much better than the outgoing system. This opens up the possibilities for what FCA can display on the new UConnect 5 system.

When it comes to screens, the new ones are quite impressive. All of the new UConnect 5 screens come with a virtually borderless display, and they can be had in two staggering sizes. The 10.1-inch display will be found on most vehicles, but larger vehicles like the Ram 1500 can get an optional 12.3-inch display. The new UConnect system will have futuristic features like wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, along with 5G compatibility as soon as 5G hits the market around Aurora, CO. Bluetooth has been upgraded to allow up to two phones to be connected to the system simultaneously, which will be great for a family on a long road trip across Denver.

See the New Uconnect 5 Near Westminster, CO

To get the full rundown of what makes the new UConnect 5 system so special, you can reach out to our team at Christopher's Dodge Ram Inc. They would love to tell you all about the new features, and they can even give you a demonstration once the system. Stop by today to learn more.

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