Have you ever thought about living life on the road permanently? For those Golden drivers who don't want the adventure to end, it's possible to keep it going when you shop at Christopher's Dodge Ram. Our friendly staff is thrilled to share the new Ram ProMaster and the Ram ProMaster City with you that can easily be converted into a van to live in with the proper help. There are smart ways to convert your van into a livable space with the right engineering and installation.

Converting a van can be pricy, especially if you're trying to make it luxurious and livable for a long time. We offer Ram ProMaster conversion kits that help you save a significant expense from getting what you need as soon as possible.

You can get the conversion rolling with the kit that includes

  • Moisture-resistant body insulating panels
  • A fold-up table
  • Sturdy flooring
  • Camper boxes with seating cushions

This kit is only compatible with ProMaster City Cargo/Tradesman SLT or standard models from 2015. With this kit, you will discover just how much you can do with a new Ram ProMaster that will get you excited to stay on the roads as long as you wish.

For the larger ProMaster, it gets a lot roomier and comfortable with more room to tackle. You will find this kit includes a kitchen with a sink and hand pump, perimeter shelving, privacy paneling, cargo management tracks, and 100% natural wood insulation. Insulation is the most significant when building out your conversions. Staying safe and cozy while driving through really cold or hot temperatures can be possible with the right insulation.

We offer these kits to your customers at our dealership to help them get the right materials for a successful build. Once you talk to our friendly staff about the conversion kits, the rest is the fun part. You can build out your van the way you've always dreamed of and enjoy life on the road in a matter of days.

A New Way of Living

One of the fun parts about living in a van is that the world is limitless in terms of where you can park and sleep. Whether you're interested in more city life or want to live at a campground, the world is your oyster. People in the Denver area even sleep in the Walmart parking lot, offering additional services for campers seeking a safe place to sleep at certain stores.

If you choose van life, you can spend less time worrying about the weather and worrying more about the adventure at hand. When you live inside a van, having an enclosed space, you won't have to change any of your plans due to rain and instead can enjoy staying in nature longer with a safe place to sleep and relax in.

Having an enclosed space allows you to have food at hand with no critters getting inside your van. Especially if you're worried about vans, you can stay safe inside and not have to worry about going outside and picking up trash or food.

If you're out on a camping adventure near Westminster, the great thing about sleeping in a van is you don't have to worry about your gear getting wet. Living inside a van can keep your hiking boots, sleeping bags, and food dry when hiking around the Aurora area.

Some camper vans have a heater and even offer a strong air conditioner that works with the ignition off. You can use battery or backup power that makes it easy to control the climate.

Start Shopping Today!

Start building your van as soon as you see which one fits your lifestyle at Christopher's Dodge Ram. You can gear up and set out meeting plenty of other van life characters that share similar values as you. Life on the road has never felt so good in a converted Ram ProMaster that fulfills all your adventure needs.

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