2017 Dodge Durango vs Ford Explorer Comparison

2017 Dodge Durango vs Ford Explorer
2017 Dodge Durango 2017 Ford Explorer
  295 hp @ 6400 rpm 290 hp @ 6500 rpm
Fuel Economy (city/hwy)
  19/26 mpg 17/24 mpg
Base Engine
  3.6 L 3.5 L

2017 Dodge Durango vs Ford Explorer

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Parents who are searching for the right three-row ride may compare the 2017 Dodge Durango to the 2017 Ford Explorer. Both offer a wide range of features and handsome cabins. Yet there are ways the Durango pulls ahead of the Explorer.

Why is the Durango's Cabin Better?

The Durango has gone more upscale over the last few years. Critics praise the higher quality interiors and handsome options. Citadels are challenging the Explorer Platinum editions with nappa leather, ventilated front seats, and a long list of top amenities making this Dodge into a luxury vehicle. As with all of the Durangos, even at the top of the ladder, Dodge can save you money over Ford. While the Explorer can offer 6- and 7-seat configurations, the Durango still offers 5-, 6- and 7-seat models. Critics tend to call the Durango a smaller SUV than the Explorer, but inside the Dodge width gives each row more shoulder and hip room. The Explorer has a smidgen more space in its cargo hold, the equation changes with the seats folded down. The Durango claims 47.7 cu.ft. behind the second seat while the Durango can claim only 43.8 cubes. With both rows folded, the Durango offers 84.5 cubes while the Explorer can only offer 80.7 cubes.

Is the Durango's Performance Better?

While the two rivals both have 290 horses under the hood, the Durango does claim more torque. Drivers will notice strong, stout mid-range performance as a result. Durango drivers also enjoy an eight-speed automatic transmission, besting the Explorer by two speeds. There’s always more precision with tighter gear ratios. Unlike the Explorer’s regular stickshift, this transmission is a rotary dial, saving space on the dash. Furthermore, the Dodge V-6 claims two more mpg in city fuel economy than the Ford V-6. Likewise, the Explorer V6 lags behind the Dodge by three mpg in highway fuel economy. Families may want to take a hard look at these numbers before investing in the Explorer. In addition to the difference in fuel economy, the Durango also keeps you on the road longer simply by offering a bigger gas tank. The Explorer’s tank holds 18.6 gallons while the Durango can hold 24.6 gallons.

Is the Handling Better on The Durango?

When it comes to handling, the SUV’s turning circle matters when you get into a tight spot. The Explorer’s circle is larger at 39.2 inches when compared to the tighter 37.1 inch circle offered by the Durango. The Car Connection praises the Durango for towing like an SUV and handling like a car-based crossover. Tow ratings for the Durango are 6,200 pounds, rising to 7,400 pounds for the V-8. The Explorer can tow up to 5,000 pounds, and its alternative four-cylinder engine can tow 3,000 pounds. If your family likes to bring along a camper or boat, the Durango definitely seems ready to handle the job better.

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